About me

Maggie (Magdalena Reynaerts) was born and raised in Poland (Piaseczno). She learned the cooking skills from her mother and grandmothers. Since 2006 she has been living in the Netherlands (Weesp) and still Polish culture and kitchen are important parts of her lifestyle.  

Her first ever dish was Krupnik, not an alcohol but a soup made with meat, vegetables and kasha. A simple dish but a real test for an 11-year old girl! For the last 10 years she has been cooking and baking for her Belgian husband, Frank. In 2009 her daughter Lea was born and her real passion for food began!

Since her early twenties she has traveled abroad and cooking started to be influenced by other cuisines. Therefore you will find here Polish cuisine with a pinch of Europe and a hint of Asia. Not only her recipes will you find here but also her favourite recipes from cooking books, blogs and websites (always referred to in the recipe description).

Enjoy the recipes for family, friends or business dinners!

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Adamas Ego said...

Good luck, you domestic goddess!!!! I'll follow the recipes on your blog with the same enthusiasm as I followed those before its creation :) I already see it as a place filled with tasteful and full of taste recipes!